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Enable biomedical data identification with Curator
Biomedical research acceleration platform that provides an opportunity for clinical investigators, patient organisations, registries, biobanks etc. to showcase the scope of data for research without compromising the privacy of the patients and data protection regulations and allowing sponsors real-time patient cohort identification matching inclusion/exclusion criteria and further collaboration initiation.
How it works
One of the main drivers of developing a collaborative research is the way we look at the data – how we can open the hidden potential of personalized data on one hand, and preserve the privacy and regional regulatory specifics on the other, in the same time proactively engaging individuals in the process of research.
Publish anonymised datasets and find collaborators
Data publishers: Biobanks, Hospitals, BioTech Companies, Research groups, Patient Organisations, Clinical site, Investigators

Use the Curator platform to showcase your datasets and find collaborators with a few simple actions. Using descriptive data that does not contain any identifiable information you will decide with whom you would like to collaborate and share your real dataset.
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Query metadata and collaborate with ease
Collaborators: Academic Institutions, Governmental Organisations, Researchers, AI Companies

Once the user has been registered and verified - finding published data of interest is easy! Browse through published datasets, review query parameters and send collaboration requests about whole datasets or select specific patient cohorts.
Click through each step to view visuals.
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Explore the advantages of Curator
We are growing every day – our users have published more than 5 million data items and new datasets are uploaded continuously.
Faster Collaboration
Data publishers and collaboration partners connected together in one platform.
Real-time identification
Request all dataset or search patient cohorts by specific inclusion/exclusion criteria.
Communication network
Send requests to data publishers to negotiate potential collaboration.
Safe data showcasing
Publish anonymized meta-data sets without exposing real and identifiable data.
Comply with complex and ever-shifting healthcare data regulations.
We will guide you through each step of the process.
Improve your biomedical research processes today!
Increased patient visibility for the research trials can better the health of the participants, increase their survival chances as well as build the path to patient-centric medicine.
Start now!
Curator offers your organization a powerful and easy-to-use software solution that allows to build connections between data publishers and collaboration partners.
Choose the model that best fits your work.
Data Publisher
For safe and compliant data showcase
  • Unlimited anonymised dataset upload
  • Technical Support on dataset upload
  • Incoming collaboration requests from potential partners & sponsors
  • Tailored onboarding
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Data Publisher and Collaborator
For data showcase, browsing and collaboration initiation
  • Full access to Curator platform

Our team will contact you about pricing for full access.
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Facilitate research process with
other tools provided by Longenesis
Learn about our other interrelated modules built for patient cohort onboarding and population engagement:
  • Engagement tools
    Disease-specific tools, including dynamic consent, surveys, screening and feedback activities, risk stratification calculators, for the proactive engagement of patients/population cohorts in clinical research activities. These tools are complementary serving as a mechanism for prospective data generation. Contact us for more info.
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