World's most advanced
life data escrow
Longenesis is an ultimate merge of blockchain excellence of Bitfury and proprietary AI from Insilico Medicine, delivering world's most advanced and secure platform for life data storage.
Our goal is to build a revolutionary platform that delivers the future of medicine and data analytics through integration of the best AI and Blockchain solutions available.
Securely store data
and track your health
By building and launching this platform on blockchain technology, we assure our users that their files are private and secure. Users can store and track their medical data to gain insight into their health like never before
Direct interaction
without third parties
Utilization of smart contracts gives the buyer and seller a direct line of communication in a secure manner. Buyers can send data requests to Sellers without having to go through a human intermediary so the process can be streamlined. This allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly in a secure setting.
Longenesis data escrow is able to provide new insights in the field of Healthcare R&D. It provides analysis and recommendations to pharmaceutical companies to help develop new drugs.
Making it happen

Garri Zmudze
Alex Zhavoronkov
Scientific Advisor
Emil Syundyukov
Sergey Jakimov
Executive Board Member
Konstantin Romantsov
Lead Architect
Nick Petrovich
Lead Analyst
Anna Fridman
Linda Seibe
Product Designer
Ugis Berzins
Lead Developer
Deniss Bazinovs
Project Lead
Arnolds Bogdanovs
Software Engineer
Zlata Potilicina
Data Scientist
Svjatoslavs Kistkins
Medical Researcher
Maksims Mastalers
Medical Researcher
Jana Visnevska
Medical Researcher
Sergejs Savrancuks
Project Lead
Our founders
The largest full-service blockchain technology company in the world. Bitfury provides its developed blockchain Exonum, the framework that is more flexible in implementing and upgrading functionality than permissionless blockchain networks (e.g., Ethereum).
Insilico Medicine
A Baltimore-based next-generation AI company specializing in the application of deep learning for target identification, drug discovery and aging research.
Key events
Among first to publish the research on deep neural networks (DNN) pipeline for human ageing biomarkers.
Pioneered and trained Advanced AI algorithms.
Insilico Medicine partners with Bitfury Group, Longenesis is officially born to bring life data escrow to market.
Longenesis platforms takes shape and withstands first stress testing with multiple users.
Authored first peer-reviewed Paper on Blockchain + AI for Healthcare.
Longenesis commercialises its platform solution by licensing its technology to first industrial clients.

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