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  • Save time
    and resources
  • Give space to
    your patients
  • Act immediately
    with real-time data
  • Adapt to diverse
    cognitive abilities
Why digital patient engagement solution?
It allows you to save time and resources otherwise spent on manual labour such as patient feedback, follow-ups or research initiatives, leaving you with more time to concentrate on patient care and service provision. In the digital age remote engagement solutions are becoming the preferred way of communication, especially for the younger generation that avoids any direct contact. Digital solutions also cater the needs of kids and people with intellectual disabilities by allowing the use of non-standard answer formats.
Adapt to diverse cognitive abilities
Raise your patient feedback
In an industry as delicate as medical services every detail matters to ensure the highest service quality. By adopting mobile friendly feedback systems with the help of Longenesis Engage, you can raise your feedback level and get it more timely – straight at the doors of your premises.
Schedule remote follow-ups
To save time and resources on regular follow-up visits after common surgeries or rounds of treatment, part of visits can be replaced by digital surveys via Longenesis Engage platform to check-in with the patient and remind of the overall rehabilitation plan. Mark red flag answers to be notified in case an in-person visit must be scheduled, making sure the service quality is still of highest standard.
Adapt to different perception abilities
When working with kids or people with intellectual disabilities, digital engagement solutions can help to activate your patients and open up new communication routes. Use emojis, photos or videos and adapt to different perception abilities with Longenesis Engage.
How does it work?
Longenesis Engage is a digital patient engagement platform that enables the benefits of digital approach to patient engagement and research execution. Conduct multiple feedback, research or follow-up projects, funnel your patient cohorts for upcoming studies or remote follow-ups and re-engage with the patients while remotely managing their consent and upholding all data protection regulations and privacy requirements.
Create projects and manage consent
Tool supports multiple languages and variable result pages for each specific flow. Choose from a large selection of data entry forms
Create your custom projects
Create logic and funnel your participants to generate RWD for your project
Easily onboard participants
Start enrolling participants into your project by using a unique organization link and QR code
Track progress & organize red flags
Check the number of participants in real-time or organize red flag system to receive notifications about alarming responses
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